About Us

We support your INNOVATION and TRANSFORMATION journeys

Our goal is to provide you services that improve your strategic conversations, customer experience, productivity, employee engagement and creativity. 

Our flexible offering will address any stage of your transformation journey and will be customized to your unique needs.

INSIGHTHING offers business consulting services and management development, based on years of own experience in the corporate world. 

We’ve done all that, for real. 

INSIGHTHING advises smaller and larger companies in:

  • strategy development
  • service and product design
  • organizational transformation
  • how to champion customer experience
  • how to create positive experiences and motivation for people in the organization.

In addition, we convey our knowledge and experience to our clients through specific leadership and management development activities, tailored to the unique needs of a particular organization.

In leadership development, we are focused on concrete behavioral changes. We provide insights into advanced leadership skills and we combine that with practicing in concrete exercises and in real world.

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